Flit Among This Void (2017)

This is the work I submitted for “Congregate,” the thesis exhibition for BFA seniors at Maine College of Art.


A deep-rooted disconnect. A discontentedness. A stumble, a fall. An epiphany. Another. This plane of existence is rather taxing, isn’t it? I will show you mine.

This portal is the closest it can get to a physical manifestation, though it reaches far beyond the ghostly layers it managed to weave for the time being.

Float through it for an eon if you wish. Let it breathe you in, soothe your soul, unfurl a story for you, be your escape. There’s nothing wrong with embracing what you need.


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Tunnel book collage of copper plate etchings and trace monoprints, various Asian calligraphy papers, Stonehenge, BFK Rives, beeswax

18″ x 24″ x ~24″