Amy Stanton developed an interest in printmaking while she was a sophomore at Maine College of Art. She is now a graduate of the school’s printmaking program who focuses on combining etching with other processes, as well as exploring book forms. In early 2016, she participated in the “Half & Half” exchange portfolio exhibitions with the printmaking majors from Maine College of Art and Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.

Her prints depict her invented “universe” full of abstracted landscapes and the fantastic creatures that inhabit them. She often uses her creative writing skills to support her concepts.


Artist’s Statement

My deep-rooted disconnect and discontentedness with this plane of existence has caused me quite a bit of grief. I stumbled, I fell. My artwork wandered aimlessly with me. Then, I was bathed in the light of an epiphany and my paradigm shifted.

Portals to my universe manifest in the form of my artwork. The depth of my neverending tale unfurls with each printed layer and each fusion of the mechanic with the organic. My hope is for my solace-seeking kindred spirits to visit my world, feel less alone, and help me do the same–if only for a short while.